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AlgoFX Robot is designed for traders who would like to have low drawdown and steady growth on their profit.

Its has both low drawdown and aggressive setting which users can select.

Verified Live(Daily update) Results with on ( Aggressive ) =>

Verified Historical Results with multi accounts on =>

Verified Results of our technical trader account with euro balance on =>

Features :

  • Below 9% drawdown per pair with low drawdown setting – All pairs overall drawdown below 18%
  • Below 15% Drawdown per pair for aggressive setting – All pairs overall drawdown below 38%
  • 10% to 15% Monthly profit on low drawdown setting
  • 17% to 48% Monthly profit on aggressive setting
  • Auto lot management based on account fund
  • Proper Risk Management
  • News Filter – Smart AI for news analysis
  • Smart inner indicators for analyzing the market before placing a trade
  • Fully Automatic – Install in 5 min and the rest is fully automatic
  • 100% Non-Martingale Strategy
  • Spread control – to avoid trading in a volatile market
  • 1 demo 1 live license key per order
  • Full Setup Video file
  • One time payment with Free updates

Passed FTMO Challenge with FTMO Preset settings

We have successfully designed a preset for AlgoFX ( Free for now ) with a very low drawdown of 4.20% and a monthly profit range of 10% to 20%.

AlgoFX FTMO and MY-FOREX-FUNDS preset is compatible with funding firms such as FTMO, MY FOREX FUNDS, etc.


How we passed the FTMO challenge using AlgoFX?


Features of FTMO Presets:

  • Get a funded trading account up to $200,000
  • Works on both personal accounts and funding firms accounts
  • Works on 25 trading pairs
  • Low drawdown below 5%
  • 100% Non-Martingale Strategy
  • Spread control – To avoid trading in a volatile market


How does AlgoFX Ea Works?

AlgoFX is designed to trade with very low drawdown and with its low-risk setting, we can confidently say that no one will ever blow up an account.

It is a fully hands-free robot and it does everything automatically, it doesn’t need daily checks or any manual setting.


What are the requirements to use this EA?

Simply just watch the installation video we will send you and install it in less than 1 minute, best setting is given as default preset files and there is no need for changing settings. just add it to mt4 and run it.

  • Works on all mt4 account types
  • Minimum fund to start 100 USD
  • Download the file after completing the purchase
  • No need to be an expert to use this robot
  • FTMO Presets
  • Watch the installation video below

The 25 Pairs are :  


Does it Have any Guarantee? 

Yes, absolutely. Our goal is to build transparency withhigh-quality tools.

  • Follow the Given Setting
  • Test it on Demo acc for 7 days on low drawdown setting
  • In 14 Days it will show how well it works
  • If not email us and request for immediate 100% full refund..


What are Funding Firm challenges?

Funding firm challenges are targets set by companies to check your ability to keep a certain percentage of drawdown while successfully trading in a steady profit margin.

After successfully passing the challenge, you will generally be awarded an account funded up to $200,000 and your earnings on the account will be shared with a profit split between the firm and the individual.

After testing the EA for a few months we are proud to announce that our AlgoFX Funding Presets was able to meet the requirements of the funding firms while successfully passing the challenge.


Note: Funding presets as FTMO preset and MY-FOREX-FUND preset comes free next to the main product with other presets.


Important Notes:

Having open trades for few days in drawdown is normal and please be patient until Ea closes them in Profit.

Do not close any open trades manually or Do Not trade manually on the same acc, it will mess up the EA money management system

Do not use any other indicators or robots on the same acc as Promax is running.

Do not run the EA on an account below 100 USD

Make sure the Auto trade option in ur mt4 is on.

Installation Guide


  • Alonso N.

    I bought full-bundle, and after 2 weeks I made 20% profit on aggressive preset. how should i get FTMO presets ?

  • E Ethan

    1 weeks 7% profit No more words is needed.

  • Mohammed A.

    Aside from an amazing product. The after sales service from these guys are next level! But it could be even better.

  • Fauzi F

    Been running for 2 weeks with ALGOFX and so far this is very consistent. Thank you

  • Aiden

    Been using for 5 days so far has profited everyday so cannot complain had some teething issues but the support has been excellent.

  • Pietro

    Hello Team, I’d bought your Algovsion MG pro for Crypto, it works appropriately for me. Let’s try this one!

  • T Tom

    Hello team. I read all features, Does it have any guide or demo trading mode?

  • Amar

    Hello. Thank you for your nice job. Does it have Indian forex ?!

  • Thomas

    Hey, Howdy? How can I use demo mode? I need to test it before.

  • Jacob

    Highly recommended! I’m totally excited!

  • Rob

    I am involved in Forex Trading for almost one year and the most important in trading ,is to have the right character and personality. You have to manage your losses the right way. If a robot gives on monthly bases an average of 7% to 10% profit, we have to be happy. If someone wants more, he or she has to learn how to trade by him or her self. This bot reach your desire but if you want more, promote yourself.

  • Mason

    I am very happy with this product. Thank you for developing such good product for forex.

  • Mark

    I didn’t like it, too simple.

  • Adelmo

    I just want to say thank you for online support!

  • Wyatt

    I love ALgofx and I recommend this product an incredible, simple and efficient experience. But make sure you have VPS.

  • Stanly

    I need to talk to Support team. I suppose I fucked up the settings! need to reset!

  • Alex

    I´m using this robot 7 days on live account and it has stable profit and can handle volatile market days very well. Thank you very much, good job TEAM!

  • Rey

    I’d go for EURUSD to check out!

  • Owen M.

    I’m using it from 2 week on REAL 1000 USD$ account And the result are unbelievable 17% profit in 2 week and biggest drawdown was 20% for no more than 2 hour. If ALGOFX can continue in this way, it will be the best EA I ever find in my life. Thanks guy, and keep working like this.

  • Elijah

    I’ve had Algofx for about a week and so far it has been doing really well. It has gained close to 8% in the first week. The drawdown has been low at about 5% so far.

  • Michael

    Impressive product! Like ALGOFX EA, this damn product gives me consistent daily returns in both my demo and real account. With aggressive setting, the returns can go up to about 10% PER WEEK. Although the aggressive setting can incur a drawdown of about 20%, all what you need to do is just to be patient and wait for the EA to close the positions in profit. (Please keep in mind, there might be a case that a pair may need more than one week to close in profit. Just trust the Algofx can deal with it and close it in profit)

  • Sebastian

    IT IS Not appealing.

  • Bastiaan L.

    Low drawdown Great product steady but slowly getting profit. Almost no drawdown which is great make me sleep better at night. Will use this for a long time 🙂 Thanks Algofx.

  • Kent P.

    LOW risk, So far so good. Excellent support team.

  • Oliver. M

    My account is 2000 USD Balance that make 100USD profit per first week. Hope can make profit every week. Thanks again for your team Algofx.

  • Levi

    Never more than 10% drawdown on low mode, and only got to 20% drawdown on aggressive mode once. This EA is very safe and just makes me money!! One of my favorite EAs, You got it!

  • Adorjan

    Perfect, Need to more test.

  • Márcio

    Running in safe mode, so far got very little drawdown (no more than 1%) even within this NFP friday, closed the trades in profit. I presume it is very difficult to build such robots due to unpredictable market´s nature, and this team seems to be very focused in building quality tools, so, they have my support.


    So far OK It is working fine so far. Its early to give a better review, im still testing. In two or thee months I’ll come back.

  • Loral

    That’s Perfect! How great work you’ve done! keep it up guys!

  • James

    Very good EA with low drawdown very satisfied with it!

  • Samuel

    Well, that does say it all. Make sure you run it on a VPS. I personally use ALGOFX with the recommended broker. The results after having it run one week: an amazing 1% plus per day!

  • Benjamin

    What can I say, absolutely amazing results and low draw down. I’ve recommended Algofx EA to my friends.

  • Lotte

    wow! cool! I’d recommend it to who ever want to make reasonable decision in FOREX!

  • Marcus Michel

    EA works really well. It understands trends and knows when to trade. Customer service is the let down of the company though. Reading instagram messages and not replying and taking 2-3 days to reply through email. So i would give it a three star

  • Alexander Alfonso

    So far so good. It’s a little early to tell but i’ve been running the EA for the past 2 days on a 200K FTMO practice account to see what the drawdown would be like and I’m pretty amazed. So far, the EA has returned over 3% with drawdown being only 0.25%. I did tweak the settings a bit but I like the way it’s performing. It seems to analyze the trend of the pair and places orders based on the trend unlike other bots that use martingale and will just keep placing orders with the hopes of getting back to a profitable position. Overall, very impressed with this bot but I would like to see how it performs in the long run. Will update this review in about a month.

  • Ola I.

    Fantastic system for those who need access to more considerable capital, also new people are starting their forex Journey. And there is more room for improvement. It’s not perfect but gets the profits slowly but surely…

  • Oliver K.

    It is a bit early to give a full review because I use it from August 1, but we have passed a very high volatility moment last week on NFP where the USD increased a lot on all pairs, and Gold lost more than 10000 pips, and this EA had a very low drawdown. If you are looking for something that will let you become rich in 1 week, this EA is not for you; there is not something like that out there. If you want a stable income with low risk, I can tell “AT THIS MOMENT” I found it VERY good and exciting. PS I use it on my account, not for Funding Firm (I’m not interested in this), and with aggressive profile parameters. Also Supports are good.

  • Hudson

    with Using Algofx as one of my complete strategy to pass FTMO
    Quite safe EA with safeguards in place to assure low drawdown while we are making some profit. It is able to pass evaluations! But most prop firms offer free retry if you end in profit without violating high and daily drawdown.

  • zekri

    Hello Team, I’ve got a question. How should we start with FTMO test? I’m completely ignorance here!

  • Dexter

    I’m the first week of trading, Algofx has not reached the weekly average required to pass funding rules. Algovision Company is aware of the new update being released. I’m confident it will perform as expected.

  • Carl

    Guys! This is a fantastic product that was missing in the Forex market. I am very grateful to you for bringing it to market, and I will proceed to test it with superb attention.

  • Arthur

    Sir, How can I test FTMO challenge? Is there any guides out there?

  • Márcio

    With the advent of technology, participating in Forex trading has never been easier than it is now with Algofx. Companies like Algovision are making the process way too easier by offering their reliable EA services. If you are someone interested in Forex trading but having second thoughts because of the risks involved, ALGOFX EA is for you! All the best!

  • Adelmo

    What’s the AI behind the successful trading algorithm?

  • Fredia N.

    I bought ALGOFX and started an initial investment of $1,000. just to see how the system works. So far so good, I’m yet to any issues with the system. The only problem I sort of experienced was needing to approach my bankers to have them wire transfer the money to an EU member state. It did raise some eyebrow from my account manager. In addition, 4/5 star.

  • Dinu Gopalakrishnan

    Great platform! I ve always had profit by following the ea algofx. However, recently the number of signals that you provide has become very less. Please provide 2-3 signals per week. Thanks a lot!

  • Dinu Gopalakrishnan

    Query Why you have risk reward ratio is of 10:1 Take profit is too close to the opening price. And stop loss is far away from the opening price. Winning 10 trades and loosing one trade will bring profit to 0.

  • Brendon Rerehau

    I’m surprised there is not monthly fee for your services. this bot is amazing, have put me in profit. Thankyou so much. Be happy with the 4 star buddy. Nothing is perfect. 🙂

  • Mwila Molobeka

    Very useful Bot for forex. Good features and implementation. Recommended.

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