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What Is Algotrends?

Algovision is a company specializing in the creation of AI-Powered trading tools designed to help traders of every market. The Algotrends suite on TradingView consists of indicators that all are considered “all-in-one” toolkits with dozens of unique & powerful features for traders to pick & choose from to use in their technical analysis.

Watch Live performance with 75% accuracy result on Youtube :

Algotrends Futures

– Powerful trend trading strategy

– Show buy/Sell with no repaint

– Entry, Take profit, and stop-loss points

– Show Support and Resistance levels

– Based on power full and practical ATR calculations

– time frame analysis and recommendation

– Show take profit / rebuy / resell

– Algotrends chart inline dashboard

– Send price change alert to discord and mobile device

– Clean and Minimal

– Lifetime / No monthly subscription !

– Lifetime support and updates

– Work on Crypto All coins / Forex / Stock Market ( All countries )


Do not subscribe and pay monthly!

Compare the price with other providers:

Unless other companies we provide you a lifetime solution.

LuxAlgo $68.00 Monthly
VisionAlgo $20.00 Monthly
Nimbusalgo $50.00 Monthly
Algotrends $59.00 Lifetime


What Is TradingView?

TradingView is a free charting platform and social network where traders/investors can look at financial charts and use a wide variety of tools to spot opportunities in every market across Stocks, Forex, Crypto, Futures & Commodities.

Enhance your trading experience.

We build next-generation tools on TradingView & Discord to help the world trade smarter.

Fewer Emotions, More Precise Signals

Keep your emotions away and avoid bad trades. Simply follow the BUY / SELL signals that will be sent to you and you will prevent your feelings from trading for you. Don’t worry the signals are completely NON-REPAINT, once they appear they will never disappear again.


Know your targets

Stop worrying about where to set Stop Loss and Take Profit. For each signal that appears, you will receive a Stop Loss price and two Take Profit prices, allowing you to never have doubts about where to set them.


Struggling for Supports and Resistances?

The support and resistance tool automatically draws lines on the chart in areas where the price is likely to reverse/bounce. This gives the trader an edge because they are able to get better entries and take profits at better prices.


Away from the PC? No problem

Are you at work or just not at home? No problem, thanks to our advanced alerts system, you will still receive your signal, wherever you are comfortable on your smartphone. The Push Notification alert will be complete with Pair, Timeframe, Stop Loss and Take Profit Price, everything you need.


Does it repaint?

Absolutely NOT! Algotrends was created to solve traders’ problems, not to create them. Once the signal has appeared on your chart and you have received the push notification alert (if you have them active), forget that the signal will disappear in any way.

The Algotrends team also managed to solve a problem similar to Repaint, namely the Recalculation. The recalculation is certainly better than the repaint but still annoying, in fact, it makes the signal appear and disappear many times until the candle closes being bombarded with alerts and push notifications on your Mobile Phone.

  • Lucas

    Before writing a comment, I read all feedbacks. It looks nice that I should try it. But still I’m in pain since I can’t find any user guide.

  • Alex

    Damn man! Search the website they have user guide!

  • lee

    do we need to turn on pc , kindly advise. Can we use it on our mobile phones? l

  • Dor

    Don’t have any Israeli Market on stock?!

  • Alonso Rico

    Don’t waste your money on LuxAlgo and pay 60$ per month for nothing! It’s cleaner than others. Really practical.

  • C Oliver

    Dude it really works with 70% accuracy?! How?! Wow!

  • Peter

    Fellas, They’ve got ACADEMY here. If you need any manual guide, check out that. Click on the menu, you can find Algovision and Algotrends manual guide.

  • Gabriel

    Hello Algotrends team. I’m willing to use your indicator and bot. How can I buy both of them with a reasonable discount?

  • Neysa

    Hello Algovision. Do you have any Indian stuff there? I want to know more about this indicator. if yes please tell me his/her name.

  • Oliver K.

    Hello dear supporter. I’m going to buy it, but I’m still in doubt how it is working. I mean the Algorithm of this indicator.

  • Shawn

    Hello guys! I’ve purchased your MG pro bot. It works great. I’m going to buy your andicator as well. Any discount? 🙂

  • Owen

    Hello there. I just wanted to say my story. I was scared of trading in the Stock market. Every time I initiated it, I lost lots of money. I don’t have any guide for help. Saw your posts on social media and investigated on your works, decided to trust and try it out. You know what? I’m a winner of market now! Almost 70% of my trading in Forex & Crypto gains profit. Thank you guys… By all means…

  • J Jackson

    Hello there. I’m looking for demo mode before buying. have you got?

  • L Liam

    Hello! Have you got any application or something?

  • S Sneha

    Is this indicator work for other countries? NSE for India?

  • Leo

    Here we go! Fantastic! It works! Specially in TSX!

  • Alexander

    Hi sir. Is PRO tradingview needed for indicator? If No, then How can I start with it?

  • Mason Taylor

    Hi Team. I’m enjoying of profits. Hope it will be able to work forever!

  • Logan T.

    Hi Team. I just want to say thank you. Far better than the other indicators. Add more features!

  • Ethan

    Hi, extremely wonderful. Guys, Why don’t you have any Referral? I haven’t seen it in your site.

  • Benjamin

    Hi. Not bad. I wish to have demo mode.

  • Shah k.

    I purchased and it works fine on Indian Stock market. See the attachment

  • Hudson

    Wonderful! Professional! Amazing! Don’t even think about another indicator!

  • R Mahat Rahi

    Sir, I purchased it, how do I integrate it? Is it on just tradingview?

  • Adah

    Sir, Thank you for your great effort. It really helps me to make a reasonable decisions in market.

  • Noah N.

    Really practical, better than the other indicators, but still it could be better. 4 star

  • Bogdan

    Not surprised, an average one.

  • Jeevan

    Its is really works

  • William A.

    It works for at least for The Nasdaq Stock Market. I should try the rest.

  • Lucas M.

    It really works for Forex. I have to test in on stuck. Not interested in crypto unstable market with Musk’s damn words.

  • William T.

    It Is great It LSE! wow! I didn’t expect that! I have to try it on Forex!

  • Raj

    If I lost money with your indicator, How can you help me then? Is there any online support for us?

  • Andrew M.

    I used Luxalgo for 3 month . Its just rubbish and i switched to Algovision ! Their lifetime pricing policy is what i want !

  • Jack

    I suggest you to have user guide. It is essential.

  • K Kayden

    I read the reviews, a must do action! I have to try it. Hope it will be worthy.

  • parikjais

    How to use this with Indian brokers??

  • M Mateo

    How can I go through the indicator? I’m not familiar even with tradingview. I wish to have a user guide here!

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