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Cryptocurrency Trading Robot – MGPro

Is a fully automated cryptocurrency trading robot for trading with inner smart AI engine which analyzes the market in many aspect and place trades.

It needs only a one-time setup and the rest is automatic.

A preprogrammed robot won’t make the mistakes you do.

MGPro processes more data than humans, without emotional decisions. 

How much can you earn if you get this Robot?

Earn 15% to 25% Profit on bearish market per month &

20-35% Profit per month on the bullish market.

Also by using Margin and Futures trading you can gain up to 200% with a 15% risk ratio.


  • Easy to use as the default setting
  • Open and Close trade Automatically 24/7
  • Works on both Spot and Futures wallet 
  • Analysis of market with more than 7 inner strategies and 20 evaluators
  • Multi-Account Support with multi-bots
  • from 10 to 100 daily positions depends on the market behavior
  • Analysis of market data in all aspects ( bearish – bullish – neutral )
  • Demo account with backtesting
  • Daily Trading Mode
  • Dip Analyser Trading Mode
  • Find 100x rising Altcoins
  • Arbitrage Trading Mode
  • Signal Trading Mode
  • Staggered Orders Trading Mode
  • Trading View Signals Trading Mode
  • Technical analysis
  • Strategy Evaluator
  • Social Media Analysis (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook & …)
  • Find next rising Altcoins
  • Real-time analysis
  • Strategy optimizer
  • Powerful risk management 
  • 24/5 technical support
  • Send weekly reports and statistics to your email

*** 14 Days Refund Policy Accepted *** 

Earn and close each week in profit with AlgoVision.

Once you download AlgoVision, you will be earning the same result as ours and if you don’t, you can always apply for 7 days full refund.

How does it work?

It Analyses the market and opens and closes trades in profit on autopilot.

AlgoVision is one of the Smartest trading robots, it has 7 inner strategies to analyze the market. It opens and closes the trade automatically and once you run it you don’t need to do any other works.

This product is our top rates robot which helps you to trade and make a profit with the lowest risk, without spending hours on screen and watching the market. It really feels great to check your phone daily and see a robot trade and make a profit for you.

Demo Version on Cloud?

You can check the software environment on the cloud. (The data will not save-Its just for test)

Password: demoalgo

How To Install?

1- Click on Add to cart and complete the order process.

2- You will be directed to download the page and save the file on your pc.

3- We will send you an email including username, password, and serial number for bot login.

4- Integrate with your exchange in just some steps ( Watch the video )

Supported Exchanges :

Binance,, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Coinex, Kucoin, Kraken, Wazirx, Coindcx, Btcturk,,, Gemini, Bittrex, and over 120 exchanges.

Also, you can integrate with multi-exchange for Arbitrage at the same time.

Security Note: Algovision connects with your exchange via API and Exchanges won’t let Algovision use API to withdraw money from your wallet. For example, you can read the Binance API use policy.

5- Watch the tutorial video and run it on autopilot. 

Recommended Setting:

  • Leave the other setting as default.
  • Start with a small size and learn how it works

Does it have any guarantee?

Yes, absolutely. Our goal is to build transparency with high-quality tools.

  • Download AlgoVision and integrate with just one click with your market.
  • Follow the given Setting.
  • Test it on account for 14 days.
  • If the software is not working well in 14 days, send us an email and apply for a 100% refund.

Software environments


Evaluators and Trading Strategies



Use Algovision for a team of traders 




1- How to trust?

In order to trust a bot, you need to check its live results, trading statements, and backtest. One of the most trustworthy platforms to analyze performance is a search on users that use AlgoVision.

2- How to install and does it open and close a trade?

Installation is simple and explained in 5 min video, once the installation is done the rest is fully automatic, the bot is smart and open and close trades in profit on autopilot.

3- Does it needs a high level of expertise to install and use it?

It doesn’t need because we have shown step to step how to use and setup the strategy in a video included in the download file.

4- How does the bot works?

AlgoVision has 12 strategies that analyze the market in different aspects and place trades base on them, it doesn’t do martingale and all trades are base on market evaluation. This is one of the smartest AI bot in 2020.

5- How if I don’t make a profit with it?

AlgoVision has given the exact setting which you need to follow and apply to run it. Therefore if you don’t make a profit and not satisfied with the promised result you can apply for 100% REFUND.

6- What will be the risk and drawdown? is there a fixed stop loss or take profit?

You need to follow the given settings in order to benefit the most, bot open trades drawdown is below 30% and below 5% for closed trades.

7- Do I need to check it every time and change a setting?

Once you setup it up for the first time, it will be full-on autopilot and you don’t need to change or check anything. bot will open and close trades in profit automatically.

8- How Much Profit Can I expect Monthly?

With a 1000usdt exchange account, its expected monthly profit will be 20% to 35%.

About AlgoVision

We create Expert Advisors and custom trading strategies, which conduct sophisticated analyses of fast-moving markets in a split second. We build indicators to give you an edge that is ever so critical in the markets. 

We aim to create a large community of users to serve them with the highest quality tools for trading

Transparency and being trustable are our key successes.

Download yours and test our trading tools and earn profit like a pro trader.

Profit While You Sleep

24/7 completely automate trading. Free yourself from concentrating on the volatile markets


  • J Scott

    Algovision works very well on my Mac and IOs devices. I can also check out the live stream on YouTube for being sure. It is astonishing! It Integrates with Binance, Wazirx, and Coinbase! Pretty cool!

  • Gordon

    easy setup, I install one week already earn 20% percent profit.

  • Gary

    Definitely worth to buy. Just what I was looking for. Almost 30% profit in just 1 week!

  • Molly

    Dude, your stuff is the bomb! It’s just amazing. Algovision was worth a fortune to my crypto wallet. I will refer everyone I know. I do. I’m not jealous.

  • leo

    Good at planning when to buy and sell. Usually finishes priority tasks on time before bearish market, but there is less evidence of easy using!

  • Jacob

    Hello, Does it have any update?! I’m curious about that!

  • Raj

    How can I go through the Bot? Is there any user guide? or youtube tutorial? It’s a bit confusing!

  • Northrop B.

    I like algovision more and more each day because it makes my trading decisions a lot easier and reasonable.

  • Franco

    I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours! Algovision is worth much more than I paid.

  • Rizky J

    I never had AI-based bot before. It is working quite well. MG pro has been making around 2.5% this week with a very low drawdown. Hopefully, it will continue to do!

  • Fredia N.

    I recommend it but not in highly form.

  • Darcie K.

    I use this software often. This software helps me to trade wisely. I appreciate it.

  • karim

    I want to thank you for your outstanding Bot. I have gotten at least 30 times the value from your bot through a month.

  • Hokan

    I was amazed at the quality of algovision. I’m from Ankara it works for me here. Guys your Bot is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%, at least for me until now. Thanks, guys. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Bogdan Ball

    I will refer everyone I know to this software. I’d be lost lots without algovision in the crypto market. This is simply unbelievable! Thanks, algovision!

  • Kiambang

    I’m really glad. profits are best with this bot. It is a professional one! keep going!

  • Renata G.

    I’m sure, we would have gone ruined by now without this bot. It’s the perfect solution for raising our wallet’s value. Algovision is worth much more than I paid.

  • Oskouna

    I’ve Had a wonderful time with this bot. Especially with the new update. One of the best I’ve used in the crypto market. Acceptable

  • Akshay Raja

    In signal trading mode, there is a way to edit a different fixed price multipliers for buying than selling? Cause I see it’s a good strategy to let the bot buy 15% less thant the price prediction but at sell moments it’s too much for example, should be 5% or standard price

  • Gallagher U.

    It’s incredible. You are doing what I expected to do! flawless.

  • Walden K.

    Just 50% accuracy! I expected much more than it.

  • Aadi

    I am happy to have mg pro. I’m going to share my wazirx wallet here. I could earn almost 30% profit.

  • Nile Halliday

    I can probably go further with you guys. Algovision is great. Practical software for me. I can’t say enough about algovision. Profits talk.

  • Jain

    It was very difficult to setup the Pro bot with many issues coming up and the helpline is the worst with no and much delayed responses……I even mailed for a refund but it’s 4-5 days and there is no response. I was very excited to use it but now I’m very disappointed because it’s not even getting returned……I hope this issue gets resolved soon

  • Erastus L.

    I’ve got excellent results already. I was amazed at the quality of algovision. I love your system. Cool, Dark, Modern.

  • Kingsley

    Those who don’t appreciate these bots don’t know anything about trading or how it works. If you don’t have any brain cell in your head, than no bot can help you. Overall awesome performance. This can be life changing, specially in Crypto trading! Let’s be thankful.

  • Ola I.

    Without algovision, our wallet and whole portfolio has gone!

  • Dexter

    Very nice product, work great for taking a quick position with confidence.

  • Scott R.

    Very easy to set up and going great the first week running the bot! Highly recommended for using!

  • Kevin

    There is no regret in buying Algovision. Accurate, one time purchased, undeniable weekly profit!

  • Chris Zahm

    The trading bot is great once configured; I would highly recommend visiting the marketplace and getting a set of DEX products: template, strategy and signals—worth the $.

  • Jess Bartlett

    Thank you for making trading painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I was wondered at the quality of algovision. After using algovision my wallet skyrocketed!

  • pedro

    On back testing buys very good, at sells always end in stop loss because of this, even when wins the market sometimes should be very interesting to add this feature

  • Renata G.

    I expressed all-important points of crypto trading straightforwardly on MG-PRO. Significantly the analysis was underestimated. I couldn’t find any other robots to help me. It allows you to make money quickly by scalp trading and barely goes wrong. Make sure to give it a chance…

  • Gabriel

    Great for beginners like me, with video tutorials on youtube and the help section on the support team. New traders can learn quickly. ،The fees ARE the lowest of all others, and they have more strategies to choose from. I’ve never had a problem with operating the bot, I’d say. Perfect!

  • Carl

    Mg-pro is alright; there has to be more information regarding your trade-in history, perfect performance with lots of strategies. I have just one thing to go, daily update!

  • Vladimir

    Four stars for now. Easy to navigate and set up a personal bot. No monthly subscription fee, which I like. Five stars if they can have great support!

  • trova

    There is no mobile app on Android or Ios. For a bit of issue, You have to contact customer service for that, and they would have to approve your request to get the file. It could be better if we have a control panel for every one of the users that directly has a ticket.


    Not really seeing any benefit in this bot versus just buying crypto at a good entry point and holding through a run. You make the exact same amount of money on grid trading as you do holding except you can buy and hold in one transaction and the bot takes 9000 to get the same exact profit. It uses no technical just arbitrary parameters or I can’t find others. If you know some, I’m more than happy to hear.

  • Gordon b

    A lot of people give this a bad rep. It’s good on the computer. Just look up a few YouTube videos on how to do it 👌 and you’ll be golden on wallet. I made $60 on a $100 investment in bitcoin in just a few hours. I’m super excited to see how this does in the long run.

  • pedro karmen

    Perfect tool, working with binance and kucoin properly. I prefer Manual and adjust the limit myself and earn much more. No matter what, the Grid Bot is handy and do things what human can’t.

  • Reed .UI

    Very productive and useful bot indeed. Just press install and sit back, watching your profits grow. You won’t regret using your hard-earned data when installing this bot. REAL profits are guaranteed with the MG-pro.
    Updates still are needed.

  • Franco James

    Awesome idea and great platform…i will be telling everybody …already made 50 bucks…better than any mt4 bot thus far

  • Jaxsi

    The MG PRO is great and so far is working without any problems!

  • Naeema

    This trading bot platform is so underrated! I use this one for 6 months now and still don’t have any problems. My suggestion is to add notification for percentage of profits of the bots. Thanks a lot!

  • Aaron Miller

    Incredibly Brilliance built in

  • Steve Chevalier

    Great crypto trading bot. I’ve been using it for over 9 months and have never experienced any kind of problem at all. The trading strategies work great. There is liquidity for instant trades at all times and they’re constantly adding assets and features. 3 thumbs up from me.

  • daniel d

    Love it. Great design and functionality. Easy for beginners.. Been using for 2 months now. No major issues.

  • Donovan Jarman

    Really great Ai based tool to use tho mainly use the web version and I would like to use the app more if I had. and the main reason for this is that I would hugely like this sevice more and give it 5 star if you guys could give it the feature to go landscape for both the tablet and phone app would make a huge diff and would get better ratings….but otherwise good experience

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