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Do the world’s top traders are spending whole the day on technical/fundamental analyzing? 

Could it happen to create trading automation that makes a 20-30% profit a month without any effort?

Is trading (Stock – Forex – Crypto) need hard work or years of experience? 

What is autopilot trading?

The truth about trading is making steady income day by day consistently. a professional trader uses 100$ to invest and expects at least 200-500$ after one month of trading with the strategies.

so ask yourself how long time will it take to gain the investment to 10.000$ regardless of losing money or FOMO?!

we should accept that trading is a bad game to just make you more frustrated.

So what is the solution that we provide for you?

Trading Masterclass provides the smartest way to making income from the market. in just one week and 50 hours courses you will be able to :

  • Learn the trading fundamentals
  • Find the best strategies
  • Use smart tools to make a consistent income
  • Algotrading
  • Autopilot trading using the robots
  • Create your own robot in python ( online – easy – practical ) from zero to lunch
  • Sell your strategies and self-made robots and make passive income
  • Create stock market robots
  • Develop your indicators
  • Create news filters robot from Twitter
  • Find the next trending stock/altcoin/signals
  • Stockmarket trading masterclass
  • Cryptocurrency trading masterclass + none-risk futures trading 
  • Forex trading masterclass and create trading automation
  • For newbies and professional traders
  • refund policy is 2 days accepted
  • 1-month free support and consultation with professional traders
  • Include our top trading tools with lifetime access

Algo trading is the future of trading! invest in the future…

So in both Forex, Cryptocurrency, and even in the Stock market, it’s logical to create strategies and then automate it as well!

You won’t find Masterclass courses on Youtube / Udemy or else …! 

After years of backtesting and developing an AI using our strategies with top (COVID) pandemic millionaire traders we decided to sell our courses and products to the public.

We also offer you at least 50 profit maker strategies in the market using our trader’s experience.

What is the strategies for algotrading :

  • Using both volume-trading and trend trading in cryptocurrency
  • Top class price action strategies on Forex Market
  • Using fundamental filtering on social media and news to find trending stock market signals.

Nowadays fundamentals are more important than technicals! 

So after watching the courses you will be able to catch data from Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, and news or any internet resource to filter the big news and making logical trades.

What should I need to learn for making professional trading automation?

You need to follow our python courses on episode 2 . You don’t need to be a programmer. the courses designed for the amateurs. and all the coding will be online on the cloud! from zero to 100!

So you can write the code using one of the trading strategies-> test it -> backtests it using historical data -> and use it on your real account!  that’s it!

With just 20 lines of code, you can develop a profitable and steady income.

Course content

Part 1 – Trading Masterclass 

  • Trading mistakes that we should solve in our automation robot
  • Cash controlling and risk management hits
  • Margin trading
  • Cryptocurrency complete masterclass trading courses using with using a real account and practical
  • Psychology and trading
  • Stock Market Masterclass from a Hedge fund CEO
  • Stock option trading
  • Swing trading and Day trading tips
  • The secrets of trading in Forex
  • Trading with 50k$ account and manage the risk and margins
  • Differents between a 1000$ investment trader psychology and 100k$ trader



Part 2 – Autopilot Trading using Algotrading 

  • What is Algorithmic trading & How to get started ( Fundamentals )
  • Algotrading Masterclass
  • Top 6 algorithmic trading strategies!
  • How to code a trading bot
  • Evaluating trading strategies
  • Coding an options trading algorithm
  • Coding a stock trading robot
  • Algorithmic trading mistakes to avoid
  • Create a Futures robot for cryptocurrency

Part 3 – Use Python to Develop Autopilot Robots and Indicator 

  • How to code using Python basics and fundamentals
  • Create your first trading Bot in python
  • Key and concept of a trading bot
  • Handling data ( Crypto – Stock – Forex )
  • Trading and Orders
  • Create indicators
  • Consolidators & rolling windows
  • Dynamic universes
  • Twitter trading bot ( Fundumental robot )
  • Backtesting & Performance analysis
  • Creating a Forex robot
  • Create a robot with a 10% steady monthly profit


Part 4 – How to Algovision trading tools and robots with AI-powered analysis

  • How to use Algovision products to make a steady profit
    • MGPro Cryptocurrency robot
      • Daily trading mode tips and tricks
      • Staggered Orders mode tips and tricks
      • Grid trading mode tips and tricks
      • Swing trading tips and tricks
      • Tradingview trading mode tips and tricks
      • Dip Analyzer trading mode tips and tricks
      • Signal trading mode tips and tricks
      • Arbitrage trading mode tips and tricks
    • AlgoFX Forex EA Robot
      • How to use FTMO Preset and other funding firms presets
      • Best performance settings
      • How to optional the settings for lot manager
      • Change risk ratio and drawdown settings
    • Algotrends Tradingview indicator
      • How to get signals and alerts
      • Best timeframes and best practice setups
      • How to use it in the real trading account


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  • Carl

    This is one of the most significant part of my trading life! All in one. Really like that. I wish that I had it 2 years ago…

  • Brahim

    Hello Team. I’m delighted to have this package. It’s Good and definitely it will be better if you update and support us. Thank you so so much.

  • Nick

    The content of this course is extremely valuable, and the way you explain everything is absolutely understandable for everyone. It’s all about the ACCURACY and best ways to catch “dirty snipers”. I found out your team also is very professional and you can get all the support you need along the course.
    I HIGHLY recommend this course, I only gave five stars because there is no option for giving ten.

  • Gabriel

    Guys, I really enjoyed the package! How intelligent is the base of this stuff when I can customize my own Robot and even sell it! perfect !

  • Shoran

    This course is amazing, it was down to earth, realistic, and paced just right to be able to learn the concepts and apply them effectively. A really supportive and productive environment. Bots are great!

  • R Rahi

    Such a great course. It is a very flexible course that can be scheduled around work. Supporters were very supportive and engaging. Really has improved my trading skills and understanding of It!

  • Pietro Mingoia

    I had a great experience with MasterClass. When looking for education in trading it can be very difficult to find a trustworthy company but you guys was exactly what I wanted to have.

  • Lisa Gorman

    Loved these Classes. The supporters are brilliant, knowledgeable and patient! Cannot believe the amount I know about trading now. Loved every minute of it. Even bots make it far better!! But to be honest, a bit expensive!

  • Edgar Beyaaraza

    Autopilot Trading Strategies provides you with a great foundation for a successful trading career. I highly recommend this course to both beginners and experienced traders looking to refine their trading strategies. Supports could be better.

  • Sebastian

    I did these strategies and thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Autopilot Trading. The combination of theoretical fundamental instruction with practical daily real market trading + robots made for a great learning experience. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to develop a solid foundation in trading.

  • Vladimir

    I would like to say what a great experience it was doing the Master Class educations and add a huge thank you to all the supporters, for their patience, knowledge, and their ability to get the information across. Besides, All trading tools are fantastic. Really great! Keep going guys!

  • sinaa6

    It was the best option for my career aspirations post-graduation. The guys at the Support area are all extremely talented traders who support you every stage of the course. Thanks to Trading bots, They are magnificent and great!


    I strongly recommend this Class + Trading robots.
    Great program, team, and invaluable knowledge about the ins and outs of financial trading.

  • Rey

    Professionalism, well structured study plan and the best supports I could have asked for!
    I am satisfied with the way I have improved my technical and fundamental skills during the three months of the Master Class. The classes are clear and for any questions you can get assistance by emailing the tutors or having a chat with them. everything depends on us, on how committed we are, how much we want to succeed. The Algovision academy of Trading gives you all the tools you need to achieve your goal. Thanks for the amazing learning experience! Keep going!

  • Takaha

    I’m not interested. Like other’s.

  • Heyden

    I chose Master Class because I was searching for a credible and recognized program for learning trading. It’s really helpful. Boosting your trading assumption is one of the most significant part of trading. Let my give you a chance to try those incredible robots which make you shocked!

  • Grant Simey

    Let’s make it brief. Helped me define exactly what I want to do and put me down the right path in trading. A complete pack!

  • Darcie K.

    Hello Team, Is this Just a recorded Video or We’ll have live trading sometimes? on YouTube or Instagram?

  • David

    Guys do we have any discount!? It’s exorbitant!

  • Harry

    Hello Team, I got a question. Is there any opportunity for buying with Crypto and get a good discount? Please consider it!

  • pedro

    This 50 hrs. Classes Taught me to analyze the financial markets in a very special way, focusing on identifying what matters the most. Thanks Algovision.

  • Darcie K.

    The decision to choose “Master Class” was very hard considering the market place and how many other companies providers there are now. The main reason I choose MA other than its great reputation was the fact that it is the only accredited Strategies out there and I feel that really sets it apart. It is not pointless to know that Robots and AI based projects are amazing here. Don’t forget to learn them!

  • Fauzi F

    As a matter of fact, I found the Class great, the material within the course covered everything you needed to know about all aspects of trading. But I couldn’t buy the bots, It costs lots of money!

  • Kent P.

    The best trading course ever, I have learned so much. I bought many courses before but this was more than an average course we see mostly, this was a complete training . I’m so glad I made the right decision. They teach us concepts that blow your mind, Thanks a lot to Algovision team.

  • Alexander

    The course was very educational and has now boosted my confidence in the trading sector. Robots were very intelligent and thorough in explaining strategies and everything related to all trading market. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in Forex/crypto and stock market trading as this course is worth much more than the price actually paid to attend and learn from.

  • Naeem

    I am new in the trading world, never traded before.
    The reason I bought Master Class course as the details of the package looked good, trainings, coaching, cont. weekly/daily
    After a couple of weeks experience I have to say that the tutorial is really good, detailed, guided with all the necessary info for a beginner, may be for a more advanced trader too 🙂
    About Robots, The system is not difficult to learn and the AI-based robots are a very user-friendly platforms.
    God Bless you Algovision.

  • Grant Simey

    Learn How To Trade! has a very supportive and professional team for anybody who wants to start trading like me. They guide you further step by step towards success. Don’t miss them!

  • Benjamin

    Learn to Trade is an excellent training program with fantastic knowledgeable Mentors and Study materials. I was struggling with Trading by myself but once I found Master Class by Algovision, I earned to Trade its has massively helped me progress with confidence. Great Job!

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